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airports ar

The Carnoustie development, the final subdivision of Ocean Colony in the southern portion of Half Moon Bay, has been appealed to the California Coastal Commission by a local resident whose house sits along the planned path of construction traffic.The appellant is George Muteff, a former candidate for Half Moon Bay City Council and one of the city's most frequent critics of the Coastal Commission. He has traveled long distances in the past to speak out against its decisions and influence in local land-use matters.But for Muteff, the matter is simple."It's not about irony, it's about the law," Muteff said.The appeal was filed just hours before the final deadline. It contends that construction traffic slated to run exclusively down narrow and shoulderless Redondo Beach Road - to access the development site - will impact coastal access and endanger the community, including a children's center at the intersection of Highway 1.Muteff wants the road widened to 20 feet before work begins and suggests that traffic enter on Redondo but exit through Ocean Colony."I've made my position very clear for three years and nobody's listened," said Muteff.


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