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airports memphis tennessee

Rather than taking the rap for bad data, business intelligence vendors are getting into the fast-growing data quality business. The latest example is Cognos, which today announced it will resell Informatica's data quality software.

"We've been relying on customers' existing IT infrastructure to address data quality problems like duplicates, missing data or conflicting data, but we've found that some customers blame the BI tool when the numbers don't look right, even if it's really a corporate data problem," says Harriet Fryman, associate vice president of product marketing. "With this move, we're going to take more ownership of fixing the data."

Cognos will resell Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Data Explorer products and offer supporting services, and the two vendors will also team up to provide customers with additional data integration software and services (with referrals going to Informatica as the challenges go deeper).


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