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chicago road construction

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chicago road construction

The recent incident of diarrohea outbreak has exposed the extent of unhygienic condition in Ambala Sadar. While four persons have died, more than 150 persons have been admitted to the civil hospital, Ambala Cantt. All of them are residents of Old Aloo Godam and the adjoining areas.

The authorities do not seem to have learnt any lesson from the recent diarrohea outbreak in Nurpur village in the Naggal area. More than 400 villagers had complained of diarrohea and vomiting. The outbreak has been attributed to a leakage in the main pipeline where it passes through the village pond.

A visit to the Aloo Godam area showed that the drains are choked and they have not been cleaned for weeks together. Local residents say despite repeated requests, the authorities failed to get the drains cleaned.


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