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commercialindustrial memphis tn

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commercialindustrial memphis tn

Katrina. Since August 29, 2005, no other name, save for maybe Pandora, has been able to arouse such an intense range of reactions and responses.

Two years later, Waveland, Mississippi, known as "Ground Zero," is on the rise, but it has been a hard climb with a great distance still to be traveled.

According to Waveland's Mayor, Tommy Longo, 22 million cubic yards (about 20 football stadiums) of debris has been removed. But there is more - 300 cubic yards are still removed daily.

Longo reports that 7.700 standing dead trees blocking rights of ways or in danger of falling on structures have yet to be taken down; 34 of these are on elementary school property.

There are more than 350 vehicles and boats to be hauled away.


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