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construction interstate road

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construction interstate road

Question: How do you get you soccer stats for individuals posted? I have a grandson who should have been listed. How do get stats that make the rankings? (P.F. from Indianapolis)

Answer: Coaches (for soccer, volleyball and football) must turn in their stats to DigitalSports, the new IHSAA stat service. If stats are submitted there, they are forwarded to the IHSAA for its statewide leader lists as well as to The Star for the newspaper's Area Leaders.

Question: I am a proud Scecina Memorial alum, and I was curious to get your take on our rushing attack. Are we that good on the ground? With the opening-night ground game against Brebeuf being so anemic and we threw for miles against them. I know we have a smaller O-Line, but we have really cranked it up on the ground the last couple of games.


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