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The gobbledygook about lies, damned lies and statistics is true.

That's The Guru's way of saying he's about to write about statistics, and he doesn't mean to lie. He just looks at statistics in ways that lessskilled, right-handed gurus don't.

Wednesday's newspaper had an article about airlines' on-time arrivals and departures from the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport and Little Rock National Airport, Adams Field.

Three of every 10 planes are late getting to XNA, and two or three of every 10 departures are late leaving. It's about the same in Little Rock.

But the broad statistics do little to help travelers pick which airlines to avoid or which ones are best at getting passengers to their destinations on time.

That's why The Guru spent last week interviewing airline experts, reviewing details in the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics and trying to glean what could help XNA's travelers.


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