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earthwork memphis tennessee

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earthwork memphis tennessee

Efforts to renovate the derelict and disused tennis courts at East Ridge Middle School as multi-purpose "cub courts" usable for games ranging from basketball to hop-scotch are moving forward. "We are really excited that this renovation project is coming to fruition and the community's kids and adults will be able to use it shortly!" said Betsy Brand, a member of the Cub Courts Renovation Project Committee. The work that has been completed includes: fence painting; grinding and re-grading of the old surface; repaving with new asphalt; positioning of sonotubes for mounting basketball posts. With the paving and ground work done, there was hope that some of the planned basketball goals might be put up by the Parks and Recreation Department this week. "We have raised $34,000 so far, which has essentially paid for the paving and three basketball posts and backboards," said Ms.


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