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erosion control memphis tn

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erosion control memphis tn

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The ongoing drought and weeks of extreme heat have drawn down water supplies and cities across the state are asking their residents to conserve.

Some cities are issuing pleas to limit watering the grass, washing cars and filling swimming pools, while others have restricted the times when residents can use water outdoors.

Officials in Franklin and Portland are serious about the water restrictions they've imposed. Crews in Franklin, a Nashville suburb, shut off service to five homeowners this week for violating the restrictions placed on the city's 17,000 water customers.

"I think that some people aren't taking it seriously. It's the old adage that 'it's OK if I do it,"' Franklin City Administrator Jay Johnson said. "When (thousands of) people do it, it does matter."

If Franklin's water situation worsens, the next steps the city may take would include banning restaurants from serving water unless patrons ask for it specifically.


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