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erosion control memphis

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erosion control memphis

The Johannesburg High Court has handed down sentencing in the case of three people found guilty of gang-raping a Belgian student.

The exchange student was attacked at a party in Soweto in August 2005.

The court found the three Soweto men guilty of rape, kidnapping and robbery and sentenced them to 18, 19 and 20 years respectively.

The exchange student was at a party in Mapetla with a member of the family hosting her when she left the house looking for the toilet.

The student was abducted by two men who had offered to show her the bathroom.

They forcibly dragged her to a nearby house where together with a third man they took turns in raping and assaulting her before robbing her of her belongings.

Throughout the case the suspects were denied bail as it was thought the teenager's life would be in danger as her details including the school she was attending were public knowledge.


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