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heavyhighway memphis tennessee

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heavyhighway memphis tennessee

EVANSVILLE-The last phase of Main Street construction-laying brick pavers-is under way, putting the end of downtown road construction in sight.

For this year.

Next summer will bring more of the same.

Plans are in the final stages for closing Highway 59/Madison Street through Evansville for resurfacing in June 2008, said project manager Gary Sassman of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

"The pavement out there is in very poor condition," he said.

The $1 million project is scheduled to begin in early June and finish by mid-August, Sassman said.

Highway 59 runs north-south through downtown and is called Madison Street in the city.

Workers will mill the existing asphalt pavement and resurface it between Church Street and Garrison Street on the city's southern limits.


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