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What Shakespeare wrote about Cleopatra ("Age cannot wither her nor custom stale her infinite variety") is true of him, yet using his phrase as the show's title undermines its thesis, that everything fades.

Take Jeppe Hein's 20-inch-square "Ice Cube," the first sculpture to grace the entrance of Western Bridge. Its pageant of disappearance is set to a timer. Each day, it will shrink till it isn't there and Western Bridge director Eric Fredericksen replaces it with a duplicate.

Exhibits here contain both video and installation spectacles, as well as homey pieces of pared-down Minimalism that are so simple they can be mistaken for nothing at all.

A giant ice cube could fall into that category, but context gives it character. It sits on a plinth as if it owns it and immediately relinquishes that claim, simultaneously asserting itself and shrinking away.


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