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portsterminals ar

The Clyde-Savannah Public Library will be hosting storyteller Gretchen Murray Sepik, on July 31 at 7 p.m.

She'll portray Mary Jemison, white Seneca woman of the Genesee. Dressed in deerskin and carrying a backpack basket, she will tell of her life and how she struggled to adapt to her new environment after she was taken from her Irish parents by the Shawnees at Marsh Creek.

Mary will talk of her love of her Indian family and friends and her choice to remain with them even after she was offered her freedom years later. Mary is buried at Letchworth Park, which is situated on land she once owned.

The museum at Letchworth Park has a section dedicated to the remembrance of Mary and a statue, erected in her honor, is located at the Council Grounds.

Sepik was born in Mercer, Pennsylvania and was raised in the country.


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