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portsterminals ms

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portsterminals ms

If you believe the sign, getting lost in northeast Pasco can cost you more than your bearings.

Posted at the entrance of H.D. Fowler Co. on North Oregon Avenue, it proclaims it's $5 to make a U-turn in the parking lot. Think that's steep? A previous incarnation charged $10 for directions.

"Honestly, we put that up as a joke," said manager Steve Wolf. "We're more than happy to give directions to people.

"And," he added with a laugh, "we've never charged anybody for turning around."

The plywood sign with "U-turns $5" painted in blue may be a joke, but the parking lot collects its share of lost travelers each day along the industrial businesses of Oregon Avenue just south of the Highway 395 interchange.

H.D. Fowler, Thermo King Northwest and Fastenal Industrial & Construction Supplies line the street there.


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