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I am from Tennessee and just returned home from a wonderful experience with the fans and citizens of the Bay Area. We were treated well every place we toured. The Cal fans were kind in victory. We would have enjoyed a victory, but your team played better. Those of us in the Southeastern Conference could learn some lessons on sportsmanship from your fans. I think you live in the most beautiful part of America. God has truly blessed you to allow you to live and work where you do. Hope to visit again. Thank you for all the kind words. I will be pulling for you to win the rest of your games this year. Phil Saylors Tennessee • UNNERVED BY TREE-SITTERS Editors, Daily Planet I flew from Tennessee to California to attend the UT-CAL game this past Saturday. The Cal campus is beautiful. Although I wore the most obnoxious orange clothes and shoes I had, everyone I met was exceedingly friendly and gracious.


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