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road construction texas

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road construction texas

Billings teens Amy Darling and Kathy Muskett got a glimpse of what the future could hold for the United States when attending Montana's Girls State, then being the state's lone delegates to Girls Nation.What they saw was teenagers with vibrant opinions on topics that affect young people and the entire nation. Articulate teens with well-thought-out platforms for achieving change. And teens who just could be future leaders on the state and national level, maybe even in the White House.Of the girl who won president at Girls Nation, Muskett said, "I will elect her in 30 years" to lead the entire nation.Both Darling and Muskett stressed the importance of young people getting to know about government and politics and to get active in their communities and states."Because I'm voting in 2008, it's my responsibility to become more familiar with politics," said Muskett, who wants to be an orthopedic surgeon and may even run for the Senate.That responsibility extends to all of their fellow teens, not just in need to get involved in making smart voting decisions and government, but in community service."Service is very important," said Muskett, who teaches Sunday school, sings with a Praise Team, baby-sits in her church's nursery and is a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters.Darling had been active in theater, dance, music and student government.The two girls have a lot in common.


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