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ronald s terry construction

CoStar News has expanded its retail real estate coverage under the direction of Senior Editor Sasha Pardy to bring you a weekly feature covering the gamut of retail acquisitions and mergers, joint ventures, retailer expansion plans, new store openings, new concepts, store closings, new retail developments, sustainable retailing, significant personnel changes, and more. This week in the Retail Roundup, CoStar reports on expansions and new concepts at Walgreens, Luxottica, Publix, Corner Bakery Café, Lowe's and Aldi; new retail developments in FL, CA, TX, AR, and CT; Acquisition activity at Cole Companies and of Barney's New York; sustainability efforts at Simon, Fresh & Easy, and LL Bean; new personnel at Present Value Properties, Glimcher, and more. Did you miss last week's CoStar Advisor retail story titled, "Credit Pullback Changing Today's Retail Developer / Investor Pool"? If so, click here to read the full story.


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Demolition (Site/Building)
Clearing & Grubbing
Storm Drainage
Base Work (Aggregate/Stabilization)
Site Concrete (Retaining Wall/Culverts)
Erosion Control
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