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schools memphis

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schools memphis

Your Sept. 13 editorial, "Memphis stalls under Herenton," made many accusations, but provided no facts. You mentioned "the sense of entitlement (Mayor Willie) Herenton has flaunted and his disdain for criticism from ordinary citizens."

When did this take place? I have seen him in public places where he was more like a regular guy than the mayor of a major city. I have noticed that he doesn't mince words with the media or give in to their demands for him to make himself available any time they want to drop in.

Speaking of disdain, how many times was Herenton mentioned in the editorial without showing him the respect of calling him Mayor Herenton?

Your editorial stated the mayor "said the 'white-controlled' media were out to get him." I call your attention to the insert from the Coalition for a Better Memphis that was in your newspaper this week.


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