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schools tn

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schools tn

Even as the mayor and his administration are scrambling to collect overdue fees, hoping to make up for severe budgetary shortfalls, developers say the city is on the verge of a whole-scale Renaissance, with long-term plans coming online and new developments jostling to see the light of day�with almost $200 million in development over the last five years.

�This city, right now, is poised for explosive growth. In fact, the growth is already happening. The King Edward is happening right now. Right now. The Pinnacle is going up. Union Station has happened. The Electric Building has happened. Apartments and living space are opening up in the city. There is activity on Farish Street. This place is coming together,� said Downtown Jackson Partners President John Lawrence. �Even though the city is on hard times now, I personally know the city is on the verge of re-birth,� said Ward 6 Councilman Marshand Crisler, during the recent budget session.


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