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street improvement ar

By Launchlin Fields

Historian Gordon Cotton doesn't recall another time a riverboat has been spotted rolling down a Vicksburg street. It certainly isn't something that happens every day.

But after almost three months of being cleaned, sandblasted and painted at one Washington Street site, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' retired flagship vessel will be on its way down the downtown street to its permanent site two blocks south.

The event is set for Tuesday.

"Watching it cruise down the street will be just an awesome sight," said Nellie Caldwell, chairwoman of the Riverfront Mural Committee. "People don't realize how big it is. It's a massive, big 'ole boat."

Caldwell, whose brother James Morris of PROCON Inc. was contracted to berth and paint the boat, thought a parade should be planned to usher the MV Mississippi IV to its new home on Levee Street near Jackson Street.


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