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street improvement ms

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street improvement ms

SPRINGDALE -- The night time is the right time for roadwork on Sunset Avenue.The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department announced milling and paving for the busy street starts Monday but at 7 p.m., after rush hour. APAC-Arkansas McClinton-Anchor will be closing both westbound and eastbound lanes on the street, which is a section of U.S. 412, from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., between Monday and Friday.The closures will stretch from Interstate 540 to Thompson Street, a 2.5-mile stretch. The contract for the job totals $731,000. The hours for lane closings could change due to weather or other unforeseen conditions, according to a news release from the Highway Department.Lowe's, one of the largest businesses on the section of Sunset Avenue, was not aware of the lane closures, according to a spokesman.


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